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Autodesk Maya is a great and professional 3D modelling program
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Autodesk Maya is a great 3D modeling program.
This is a professional 3D animation program that has been used by many people from companies doing games and movies. It has one of the most rich tools and features that make it really a good software.

The 3D is created by using the OpenGL platform, which is quite good considering that almost all low end graphics card can run this program! But it will be very slow and can only be used as an education tool. For professional applications, you will need a good graphics card, processor and memory specifications. No Support for DirectX is a drawback as DirectX has improved graphics (in case of graphics quality), shaders etc.

Anyway, for high end or professional 3D graphics, Maya is a very good choice.

The main thing is that there is "Maya Personal Learning Edition" which is the smaller version of the Maya Program. This one is free to be downloaded from their website. Just register and download and they will give you the serial number. You may use this version without any time limitations and is really for Learners.

Studying maya is really easy considering the fact that you will get many videos and help files,etc. Help documents can be downloaded along with (or comes with) maya for installation.

Zack Martin
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  • Good Help/Support
  • Many Features
  • Less installation size


  • No support for DirectX
  • Costly
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