Maya 2020.0

Create complex 3D animations and environments using specialized tools
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Autodesk Maya is a powerful application developed to help professionals create unique and complex 3D modeling and animations by using innovative tools and effects. Either you're designing aliens, war scenes, or mesmerizing landscapes, you'll find all the tools you need in Autodesk Maya.

Its installation process is easy to complete but it does last several minutes. Once it's done, you are welcomed by a modern UI, with a black background theme, along with numerous buttons and toolbars. For novice users, the interface may seem overcrowded and will require a deep learning curve. This is why the program includes manuals and tutorials.

The amount of embedded features is huge and only some of them will be mentioned. Autodesk Maya can be used to create vector graphics and photo-realistic images. Individuals can use Arnold RenderView to visualize scene changes in real time, including lighting, camera, and materials. Also, you'll find a powerful color management tool that has an efficient library capable of executing fast and consistent Boolean operations on polygon geometry. Furthermore, it has extensive 3D modeling options, provides support for OpenSubdiv, and can sculpt and shape models more artistically and intuitively.

All in all, Autodesk Maya is a comprehensive program that embeds multiple tools for creating 3D animations and environments. However, its price is quite expensive, and it requires serious CAD knowledge in order to use its features. Also, its organic modeling is not good enough and can be quite difficult to use.

John Saunders
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  • Incorporates Arnold RenderView
  • Provides support for OpenSubdiv
  • Includes polygon geometry operations


  • Has a difficult-to-use organic model
  • Requires CAD knowledge
  • Has a high price
  • Displays an overcrowded interface
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